Suspect arrested after remains of a woman was found in a garbage bag in New York City

Tuesday, July 09, 2024 - New York City authorities made a disturbing discovery on East 27th Street after responding to reports of a suspicious package with a foul odor. A decomposing body, wrapped in a plastic bag and placed inside a sleeping bag tied to a dolly cart, was found on the sidewalk intended for trash pickup.

The victim has been identified as 31-year-old Yazmeen Williams. Her death has been ruled a homicide, with police revealing she was sh0t in the head.

Chad Irish, a man in his 50s, has been arrested in connection with the incident. He was questioned on Monday, July 8, and faces charges of concealment of a human c0rpse, criminal possession of a weapon, and menacing. As of now, he has not been charged with homicide-related offenses.

Residents in the neighborhood seem convinced of Irish's guilt. When police escorted him from the precinct to an ambulance, he was on a stretcher, and officers and paramedics had to restrain angry crowds.

Nicole Williams, the victim's mother, expressed her anguish and outrage, stating, "He's disgusting... he looks like scum. They were angry. He took her life away... threw my daughter in a garbage bag."

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