If your husband informs you that he will be taking me as a second wife, don't panic because I won't compete with you - LADY assures Muslim sisters

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 - A lady called Na'ima Hudu has assured her Muslim sisters that she will not compete with them if she ends up as their husband's second wife.

The farmer, who stated this in a Facebook post on Saturday, June 22, 2024, also said she would not go diabolical as a second wife.

Read her post below

"If your husband informs you he would be getting married to me as a second wife, please wifey, do not panic! Because…

1. I am not getting married to our husband to compete with you, you're my sister in Islam and that we share same husband doesn't make either of us bad women.

2. By Allah, visiting seers and soothsayers aren't in my blood, I never saw my mum nor sisters go diabolical and with Allah's guidance I will NEVER tow that path till I take my last breath.

3. I will never encourage our husband's bad behaviors even when it is towards to you. I will try as much as I can to always bring his mind to it whenever he is towing the wrong path. I do not want to know if your wife is a weakling in za oza room or her food tastes horrible.

4. My friends, sisters or even parents would not have that chance to advice I hurt or treat you or your kids badly, I do not even have family members to do this. My sisters are yours, just as my mum is your mum, if I offend you, call my mum to lay a complain. In fact, my sisters would tilt more towards you and always support you as they are all first wives and them dey beef me

5. Know that your children are mine too and my household is always open for them to come in anytime! I do not fear your reactions when I treat them wrongly but I fear Allah's punishment. So know that, even when you're absent, I won't harm them.

6. It is absolutely normal for us get jealous, especially when our husband begins to tilt or becomes fond of one of us more. However, what isn't normal, is trying to hurt me in whatever way or paint me bad to our husband just to gain his pity.

7. When it's your day, I am going to try not to interrupt with calls nor chats so you could have a swell time together, plus i expect same from you. Of course, not in the case of emergencies or even important matters.

So, no fear my sister and I pray Allah blesses our marriage with our husband.

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