"If you don’t have any source of income, drop those children for their father" - LADY advises single mothers after woman is abandoned her husband and child

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 - A lady called Somack Mmesoma has advised single mothers to leave their children with the fathers if they don't have a reasonable source of income.

The single mother of two gave the advice on Saturday while reacting to the story of a mechanic single father, who was abandoned by his wife, with his children.

“Dear Intending Single mothers, please if you don’t have any reasonable source of income, drop those children for their father! You can come to see your kids once in a while, or better still when the kids are of age, they will look for their mother,” she wrote.

Children will tie you down, while the man gallivants and lives his life to the fullest!

If the man is not going to feel guilty for leaving his kids with you, why should you? No be una two born am?

God knows that the things I know now, if I knew them years ago, this is exactly what I would have done.

Check well, men hardly fight for the custody of their kids when they are babies, they only crawl to demand custody when the kids are grown and can now take care of themselves without being a burden on them.

Nne, the Era of saying it is a woman’s duty to take care of a child wey two people born don pass.

Leave the children and move on with your life, everyone will be fine las las

Why are you scared of leaving your kids for their father?

Are they not his kids as much as they are yours? Why is the thought of leaving your kids for their father such a taboo and a horrible thing to do? What are you scared of?

Are men not capable of taking care of their kids alone? So it is the women that are Destined to raise children alone?

You are scared that they will turn your children against you in future? What happened to a child will look for his father when the child is grown? Does that not apply to women as well?

Please spare me with all those sentiments wey una dey give.

If you don’t have any Good means of taking care of those children, better leave them for their papa. 

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