JOE BIDEN's son, HUNTER, sues Fox News for airing private images of him

Tuesday, July 02, 2024 - Hunter Biden has filed a lawsuit against Fox News, alleging that the network aired explicit images of him in an act he describes as "revenge p*rn."

The controversy centres on Fox Nation's 2022 series, "The Trial of Hunter Biden," which consisted of six episodes. Fox Nation is the online platform of the conservative broadcaster owned by Rupert Murdoch's family.

The series, a dramatized version of a criminal trial, included a disclaimer stating that the proceedings were fictional. It depicted Hunter Biden being prosecuted for corruption, accusations that have been frequently levelled by supporters of Donald Trump due to Biden's past business dealings in Ukraine and China. However, these accusations have never resulted in legal action.

The lawsuit claims that the series used real images of Biden, "depicting him in the nude, with exposed intimate parts, and engaged in sexual acts." According to the complaint, "Fox published and disseminated these intimate images to its vast audience of millions as part of an entertainment program to humiliate, harass, annoy, and alarm Mr. Biden and to tarnish his reputation."

The explicit images reportedly originated from a laptop that Hunter Biden left at a computer repair shop and never retrieved. The contents of the laptop have since been widely circulated, becoming the basis for numerous conspiracy theories and a source of political embarrassment for Biden.

Fox News however said in a statement;

“This entirely politically motivated lawsuit is devoid of merit.

“Mr Biden did not complain about [it] until sending a letter in late April 2024. The programme was removed within days of the letter, in an abundance of caution.

“Consistent with the First Amendment, Fox News has accurately covered the newsworthy events of Mr Biden’s own making, and we look forward to vindicating our rights in court.”

Hunter Biden was convicted by a jury in June of illegal possession of a firearm in a federal trial that again brought to light his years of addiction to alcohol, cocaine and crack cocaine, apparent in many of the images discovered on the laptop.

In September he will face a separate tax fraud case, a trial that is likely to distract from his father’s presidential campaign.

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