DONALD TRUMP challenges JOE BIDEN to new no-holds-barred debate

Saturday, July 06, 2024 - Donald Trump has raised the stakes in the 2024 presidential race by challenging current President Joe Biden to an unrestricted debate to test their competence.

Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, posted a lengthy message on his Truth Social platform, calling for a "no holds barred" debate with Biden, his Democratic rival.

In his message, Trump urged Biden to debate him onstage alone to discuss the future of the country. He boasted about their first debate's high ratings, suggesting that his proposed format would attract even more "record-setting" viewership.

Trump criticized Biden's policies, demanding explanations for his stance on open borders, which Trump claims allow millions of violent criminals to enter the nation. He also questioned Biden's support for transgender athletes in women's sports, the push for all-electric vehicles within five years, and his handling of inflation, which Trump said is "destroying the people of our country."

Trump argued that such a debate would demonstrate Biden's competence or lack thereof, while also putting his own abilities to the test again.

The call for another debate follows their first face-off on June 27, where Biden's performance was widely criticized, leading to concerns among Democratic donors and party leaders about his mental health. Despite some calls for him to withdraw from the race, Biden remains steadfast in his campaign.

Trump's challenge adds a new dimension to the 2024 race, emphasizing the ongoing rivalry and high stakes of the upcoming election.

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