'Big Brother' contestant AUTUMN DALY arrested in Texas for theft

Monday, July 08, 2024 - Autumn Daly, a contestant from the 2001 season of U.S' "Big Brother 2," has been arrested on a theft charge in Texas, TMZ reports.

Authorities arrested Daly last month in Lewisville, TX, on an outstanding warrant for theft. Police tracked her car to Encore! Encore!, a local retail store she owns. Upon questioning, Daly admitted to having outstanding warrants. She informed the officers that she was in the process of addressing them but had not yet completed the necessary steps, leading to her arrest.

Daly faces charges for property theft valued between $30,000 and $150,000, related to an alleged incident in 2023. She has since posted a $2,500 bond. Commenting on the incident, she said;

"It’s a retaliation attempt on the part of a former business associate who sued me in civil court and lost. It won’t stick and I’m in the process of suing them for $500K as well, so best I don’t say anything further."

Autumn Daly gained prominence during the second season of "Big Brother," where she became the third contestant evicted after nearly three weeks on the show. The season was ultimately won by Dr. Will Kirby.

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