A man's muscles are not created for one woman - Man says as he slams "selfish monogamous" wives telling single ladies to stay away from their husbands

Saturday, July 06, 2024 - A polygamy advocate known as Maketere Ugwu Amoke has said that a man's muscles are not built for one woman.

Mr. Ugwu, who stated this in a Facebook post on Friday, July 5, 2024, also bashed ‘selfish monogamous’ wives fighting other women over their husbands.

“Doesn't selfish monogamous wives telling u a single lady how her husband bought her car, house, vacation, health insurance etc know u too like those things,” he wrote.

“So she will be enjoying and rubbing it on your face and advising you to leave happiness for her and carry cross by marrying poor men who can't afford those things

"She is fighting you off her husband so the man won't marry you as a second, third, fourth etc wife so only her can enjoy. Stupid you is listening to such tangible evil and taking her seriously - chukwu aju!!

"Monogamy is women deceive, cheat, deny and defraud fellow women! Monogamous women must shift or they will be blown away - maka nke si ibe ya ebena nku akwaa ya n"ike!!" 

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