Woman finds out online that she and singer VICTORIA MONET are sisters; calls out dead beat dad who abandoned them both as kids

Friday, June 28, 2024 - A woman found out on X that she and Victoria Monet have the same father and she took to the platform to call their deadbeat father out.

Victoria Money, 35, whose father was absent while she was growing up, connected with him on Father's Day.

The singer shared a photo of her and her father and said it was their first Father's Day together.

She also hinted at the trauma she endured due to her father's absence as she wrote: "The little girl in me is so happy, healing."

A 23-year-old X user saw the photo and realised that the man with Victoria Monet is her father whom she has not seen for 20 years.

In the caption, she revealed she had no idea she and the popular singer share the same father.

She then called out their father for being a deadbeat.

She also added that he is now connecting with Victoria because the singer is now successful, but he has refused attempts she made to connect with him.

When told to reach out to her father, she said she did but he was not interested in her.

She wrote: “My story deserves to be heard too how dare u spend time with ur other kids on Father’s Day like u are bettering your life and u have other kids out here . And I have reached out when I was younger he was not interested so u think imma reach out again ??? CRAZY”

X users stated that the dad would have been ignoring Victoria too if she wasn't successful.

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