South African actress allegedly attempts suicide after her wife dumped her over allegations of having an affair with a Nigerian drug dealer

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - South African television actress and singer, Letoya Makhene tried to commit suicide when she overdosed on tablets after her wife, Lebohang Pulumo Keswa, dumped her.

According to the SundayWorld, the attempt to take her own life came after Keswa confronted her about allegations of her extramarital affair with a Nigerian drug dealer and a lesbian side chick.

The publication also reported that Letoya allegedly scalded Keswa with boiling water, bludgeoned her with an ironing board and also threw a vase at her before damaging furniture and burning down the curtains of their Randfontein marital home.

News that Makhene attempted suicide is contained in the text message Keswa sent to the couple’s friend, who cannot be named for fear of victimisation.

In the message, that the couple’s friend leaked to Sunday World, Keswa details how Ma-khene attempted seppuku.

"This was in October, after she burned me with boiling water, and I told her I didn’t want the marriage anymore, and that same week she overdosed on tablets and tried to commit suicide. And this is when I took her to the doctor, and he referred her to a psychiatric hospital, and she had agreed at the time to go, and I was making arrangements only for her to later change her mind and say it’s dlozi (ancestors’) stuff she will sort herself out,” reads Keswa’s message.

The friend also alleged that Keswa told her that she threw up while making love to Ma-khene after she became nauseous when she started imagining the thespian romping the drug merchant.

"She said they had visited friends in Joburg and Letoya passed out after drinking too much. She stated that she took their children and left Letoya behind. Later on, Letoya went to Norwood, [Joburg] where she met with this drug dealer and asked him to give her cocaine in exchange for s3x. She said when she confronted her, Letoya said the drug dealer r@ped her and threatened to press criminal charges against him. But Lebo was not convinced,” said the friend.

The friend said after a few days of fighting over the matter, Keswa begrudgingly reconciled with Makhene at the latter’s behest.

“One day, when they were intimate, Lebo literally puked on Letoya,” said the friend.

The friend also said Makhene always used her ancestors as an excuse for assaulting her.

"After assaulting her in Tzaneen between December 16 and 18, 2022, Lebo went to the Tzaneen police station [and] reported the matter. When she was there, Letoya’s family called her and asked her not to lay criminal charges against her, saying she was not beaten up by her but by her idlozi named Inyanga,” said the friend.

The friend said the estranged couple’s feud took another turn on Monday when Randfontein police called Keswa and asked her to come to the cop shop and write a warning statement.

"So now, two weeks ago, Lebo got a call from her other aunt, who lives in Mohlakeng, saying her daughter bumped into Letoya at the police station. So now on Tuesday, she received a call from the police at Randfontein police station asking her to come submit a statement.

“She told them that she was not available and would only be available [the following] week. She asked the cops if she could give them a statement over the phone. She also asked them if there’s been a case opened against her but the officers said they only wanted a statement from her,” said the friend.

Pressed for a comment, Keswa said she was saddened to comment on the end of a marriage she “once cherished and adored”.

“In Letoya, I thought I had found a soul mate, and I was looking forward to growing old with her, and as I always said to her, ‘You’re going to close my eyes when I die’.

“I guess, as they say, the show must go on! To my children and family, I apologise for the impact that this journey may have had on you. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you.

“To Letoya, her family, and last but not least, her children, I loved you all, and I’m sorry that things had to get to this point. I sincerely wish everyone nothing but the best with their journey going forward,” Keswa told Sunday World.

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