Singer BILLIE EILISH recounts getting ghosted by someone she has known for years

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - American superstar singer Billie Eilish has recounted how she got ghosted by someone she has known for years.

Sharing her experience on BBC podcast “Miss Me?”, the singer told Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver that this happened just six months ago.

She revealed that she was talking to a guy back in December and they were on the phone one day, making a plan to hang out. She said she invited him over to her house, gave him a time and sent the address, but he never showed and went radio silent.

She also said that it was "unbelievable" he ghosted her, joking she thought he literally died when she never heard from him again. Billie revealed that she later saw the guy was dating someone else, which surprised her too.

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