MORGAN FREEMAN again kicks against Black History month, says it makes his 'teeth itch'

Monday, June 17, 2024 - Hollywood superstar Morgan Freeman has again kicked against Black History Month which he described as a “deeply flawed concept”.

The Oscar winner railed against the annual observance in a new interview with Variety, saying he absolutely detests and doesn't relate to it.

He said;

"You are going to give me the shortest month in a year? And you are going to celebrate ‘my’ history?! This whole idea makes my teeth itch. It’s not right."

The actor defended "American History" as being his history, and further stressed the importance of learning from the past and not leaning into what differentiates people as countrymen.

He added;

"[American history is] the one thing in this world I am interested in, beyond making money, having a good time and getting enough sleep."

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