Man finds human finger inside the ice cream he was eating

Sunday, June 16, 2024 - A man was horrified to discover he had been eating ice cream with a severed finger in it.

Doctor Brendan Ferrao, 27, ordered an ice cream to his home in Mumbai, India, on Wednesday, June 12.

He tucked into the treat soon after it arrived and it wasn’t until midway through eating it that he made the gruesome discovery.

After feeling something unusual on his tongue, Ferrao took a closer inspection and was horrified to see what looked like a human finger in the dessert.

Brendan’s sister immediately reported the horror find to the police who have registered the incident with the manufacturer.

Police sent the finger to forensics for further investigation and will carry out an inspection of the ice cream manufacturing and packaging facilities.

Something similar happened in 2020 when a schoolboy named Victor Santos bit into a meat pie and got a mouth full of a human finger complete with a finger nail.

Victor’s parents said they ordered an assorted selection of pies from a local takeaway near their home in São Paulo, Brazil.

It later turned out that a chef had accidentally cut off the tip of his forefinger while using a meat slicer.

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