Hostages rescued after Florida Sniper shot a bank robber through a computer

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - A Florida police sniper took what has been considered an impossible shot in a bid to rescue some persons taken hostage by robbers in a bank.

Officers for the Lee County Sheriff's Department surrounded a Fort Myers Bank of America after a 36-year-old man attempted to rob the facility. The robber took 2 hostages inside the bank, using them as shields while communicating with a negotiator.

The Sheriff's Department has released video of the standoff, with a sniper steadying his aim onto the suspect while right outside, balancing his gun on another deputy's shoulder.

Despite the negotiator's attempts to talk down the robber, he's heard referencing the man's children at one point. The robber refused to surrender and instead puts a knife to the throat of one of the hostages.

This led to an immediate response from the sniper who took a shot, with the bullet traveling through a desktop computer screen and right in between the 2 hostages, successfully striking the robber.

The suspect falls to the floor as the hostages run off. Police then moved in, throwing in flash-bang grenades and doing a sweep.

Lt. Todd Olmer of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement;

"Shooting positions like these are trained regularly by snipers for time-critical incidents like these. Due to the suspect’s limited exposure, the sniper took a planned and deliberate shot through a computer monitor, striking the suspect in the center of the forehead, killing him instantly."

Watch the video below

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