DONALD TRUMP thanks former British Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON for denouncing his convictions

Monday, June 3, 2024 - Ex-US president, Donald Trump has openly thanked Boris Johnson after the former British Prime Minister wrote an article in support of the now-convicted ex-president.

Johnson wrote that Trump had been the victim of a 'machine-gun mob-style hit job' and called those responsible for the prosecution 'liberal elites.'

On Thursday, the Republican presidential candidate was convicted of 34 counts of falsifying business records in order to stop porn star Stormy Daniels from going public about the pair's alleged tryst.

Trump is the first US president to ever be convicted of a crime coming six months before facing incumbent Joe Biden. He faces sentencing on July 11, just four days before the Republican National Convention begins.

Late Sunday, Trump wrote on his social media platform: 'Thank you to Boris Johnson!' He followed that up by posting three quotes from the article.

'This was a machine-gun mob-style hit job on Trump. It was nakedly political – and will make his victory more likely, not less,' read the first.

Johnson then called the trial 'nakedly political' and 'completely artificial and said Trump was caught by the Democrats over a 'technicality,' views that the real estate mogul endorsed.

'Except that everyone with any common sense can see what I consider their real motives, how they were combing the rule book for stuff to use against Trump,' Johnson wrote.

Elsewhere in the piece, Johnson said that the American public knew the case 'by and large, a load of stunted-up old nonsense.'

'The vast mass of American voters could see what I believe was really happening: that the liberal elites were just appalled at Trump’s continuing popularity and his ability to connect with voters — and they were using anything they could find to derail his campaign,' Johnson went on.

'If you look dispassionately at his time in office, both on the domestic and international front, it was far more successful than his Left-wing critics allow. They should not be using legal tricks like this to prevent him from receiving the judgment that really matters — the verdict of the people.'

Johnson added that the conviction will make a Trump-victory in November 'more likely, not less.' 

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