DIDDY returns New York's Key to the City after it was requested back

Sunday, June 16, 2024 - Music executive Diddy has returned New York's key to the City after Mayor Eric Adams requested it back in a letter, citing the Cassie assault video which went viral weeks ago.

In the letter addressed to Diddy, Mayor Adams stated that he was "deeply disturbed" by the Cassie video. The Mayor who noted that he stands with survivors of domestic abuse, also said that the Key to the City is given to individuals who act as model citizens, a standard the selection committee no longer feels Diddy meets.

Mayor Adams who stated publicly the committee would sit down to discuss this issue, disclosed that the committee recommended rescinding Combs' key and provided an address where the key could be mailed back.

It's been gathered that Diddy responded to the letter by returning the key.

Diddy received the Key to the City less than a year ago, proudly posing with Adams back in September 2023 after receiving the honour. However, allegations began to pile up against Diddy just months later, beginning with Cassie's lawsuit in November.

While Diddy repeatedly denied allegations of wrongdoing, he admitted he did beat Cassie and apologized after the video surfaced. He still faces numerous sexual assault lawsuits, and he's under federal investigation for alleged sex and narcotics trafficking, as well as other serious crimes.

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