Woman fumes as her close friend gets pregnant for her dad who is 26 years her senior

Tuesday, February 20, 2024
 – A young woman has been left fuming after someone she considered a close friend started dating her father and ended up pregnant for him despite a 26-year age difference.

The family feud came to light when daughter Joni Wilcox, a barista from Lakeland, Florida, took to TikTok to complain about the situation.

She explained, in the now deleted video: “Me and this girl became friends. Next thing I know, her and my dad start f***ing behind my back.”

She was later invited on the talk show Dr Phil to discuss her dad David's relationship with her former friend Gina, who Joni has slammed as a gold digger.

Gina, 23, met David, 49, after Joni and her became close. But Joni claims as soon as Gina saw her dad's house she was after his money.

Joni described her former friend as “money-hungry.” David lavishes Gina with luxury gifts and expensive holidays.

Joni told Dr Phil: "She is always posting pictures of them going out on vacation. Miami, New York Mexico, the Visacci mansion. My dad is constantly trying to impress her. It’s really annoying." Although David claims it's true love, Joni has said he's being "naive."

Gina has hit back against Joni's claims.

She explained: “I’ve received so much hateful messages. I had people calling me a money-hungry whore, saying, ‘How could you sleep with your friend’s dad?’ and calling my child, that David and I have together, really disgusting names.”

She even said people online have threatened to “come find me and whip my a–.”

Dad David has a history of hitting on Joni's friends. He admitted he has an appetite for much younger women and owned up to making his daughter feel uncomfortable by hitting on her friends, including girls from her childhood softball team.

David said: “I agree that there should be a boundary there to not date her friends. But I also want to continue living my life romantically with someone that I’m with.”

Joni told Dr Phil: “If he wanted younger girls he could have younger girls that aren’t near me or around me or I know.”

Joni claimed the two knew they were doing something wrong because they hid the relationship from her.

Gina claims it's nothing but her and David's business, saying: “Everyone needs to mind their own business. It’s David and I’s relationship. I don’t wake up and think about these people’s relationships so why are they thinking about me?”

Gina also claimed Joni attacked her when she found out about the relationship.

Gina said: “She went ballistic when she found out about it. She came [into David’s house] with just her underwear and a crop top and gets irate. She was clearly high as a kite.

“Next thing I know … she struck me in the face.”

Joni didn't deny the attack but said: “She disrespected the f**k out of me.”

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