'Dead' woman, 52, comes 'back to life' before cremation after her husband declared she had died in an accident

 Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – A woman made a shocking comeback to life before her cremation after her husband declared she had died in an accident.

On February 1, 52-year-old Bujji Aamma from Berhampur, India, had been severely burnt in a fire at home. She was then taken to MKCG Medical College and Hospital for treatment, with burns covering half her body.

According to Mail Online, the woman returned home but remained in a very bad state.

Due to the family's poor finances, they were unable to get her into another hospital for further treatment, and a few days later, she didn't open her eyes.

Aamma's husband, Sibaram Palo, thought she had died, and arranged for her to be taken to the cremation ground in a hearse.

He told the Times of India: 'We thought she was dead and informed others in the locality to arrange a hearse van to carry the body to the cremation ground.'

One woman, K Chiranjibi, who accompanied Aamma in the hearse said they had almost completed assembling the funeral pyre when she opened her eyes.

Chiranjibi said: 'Initially we were scared as we had never seen such an incident, though we had heard some stories.'

The driver of the hearse, Khetrabashi Sahu, who originally collected Aamma's 'body' from her home at 9am, was called to collect her from the cremation ground only half an hour later.

She was taken home in the same hearse.

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