TV host, TRISHA GODDARD, reveals her breast cancer has returned and is incurable

Monday, February 19, 2024
 – English television presenter, Trisha Goddard has revealed her breast cancer has returned and will be undergoing life-prolonging treatment 
as there is no cure for it.

The TV host, 66, was first diagnosed with the disease in 2008 before she was recently diagnosed again with stage 4 breast cancer – after cells were found in her hip following a fall.

She told Hello! that she was speaking out in order to remove the weight of the secret from her shoulders after learning the news 19-months ago.

Saying: 'I can't lie, I can't keep making up stories. It gets to a stage, after a year and a half, when keeping a secret becomes more of a burden than anything else.'

The former chat show host said she didn't want to be seen as 'frail' by those close to her and planned to keep doing the things that made her happy.

'[The disease] is not going to go away, and with that knowledge comes grief, and fear. But I must keep enjoying what I have always enjoyed.

Trisha previously revealed she nearly died following the fall in 2022, after which the cancer was discovered.

She went into shock after breaking her thigh bone and was relying on a walking frame and sticks following emergency surgery.

Trisha admitted she was still 'not out of the woods' following her near-fatal accident which left her in 'roaring pain'.

She took to Instagram where she detailed her terrifying ordeal, revealing how she'd been rushed to casualty after falling down the stairs.

The Talk TV broadcaster told her fans: 'I've just had 2 of the toughest weeks... One where I was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation, literally roaring in pain.

'But I'm still alive... just. I spent a week in hospital, was discharged on Friday and with the help of Mother Morphine, did my 3-hour @talktv shows on Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and filmed a piece for @60minutes9 midweek too!'

She added on Saturday: 'On tomorrow's show I'll share what happened because I'm not out of the woods yet.. How @alexa99 saved my life.'

It came just months after Trisha revealed she was engaged to a mystery man, following a four-year relationship, after he proposed to her during a hiking trip.

Trisha has since revealed that her new husband-to-be is the first man to buy her an engagement after she bought her own for each of her other marriages.

She told the Sun: 'I've always bought my own engagement ring. He's the first person to buy me any amount of jewellery. He gave me a friendship bracelet and a lovely Tiffany ring with a 'T' on it because he'd heard me say no one had ever bought me a ring. That was just for friendship.'

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