THE ROCK's daughter reveals she has been getting death threats over WWE Controversy


Tuesday, February 6, 2024 – The Rock's daughter, Ava, has revealed that her inbox has been flooded with hate over WWE's new storyline involving her father.

Dwayne Johnson had appeared on SmackDown last week, with many criticizing the move as it seemingly derailed what was brewing between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.

Rumors have been floating around that The Rock and Roman Reigns might fight in the next couple of month, maybe at WrestleMania in early April.

There are diehard Rock supporters who want to see their champ-turned-actor wipe the floor with Reigns, but a lot of people are pointing to recent Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes and asking why it seems his story's now taking a backseat to The Rock's.

Before The Rock came out for his staredown, Cody Rhodes talked about taking Roman Reign's title from him, a right to challenge Cody earned by winning The Royal Rumble last week. However, he seemingly stepped aside as he introduced The Rock to the crowd as if to indicate Dwayne is getting the chance instead of him.

Ava is now claiming she's been on the receiving end of death threats over the whole ordeal. Addressing the incident, she wrote;

"Can ya'll just leave me out of this ffs i'm busy running a SHOW, death threats over a situation I have nothing to do with … bffr."

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