Shark beats itself to death while trying to attack divers in bloody caught-on-camera video

Tuesday, February 20, 2024
 – A great white shark trying to make a meal out of two divers in an underwater cage bashed itself so hard against the bars that it broke its neck and drifted dead to the bottom of the ocean, a new video shows.

The footage, posted on X over the weekend, shows the big shark charging toward the cage in a frenzied attempt to get to the cage's pair of terrified human occupants.

But as the shark thrusts its head in between the bars, it gets stuck and moves around reportedly for about 25 minutes while trying to free itself — fatally breaking its neck in the process.

Blood pours from the cage, and eventually the dead shark’s corpse dislodges from the bars and falls away from the divers, as it sinks to the ocean floor.

The clip had nearly 18 million new views by Monday afternoon, February 19.

The YouTube video’s description said the encounter happened near Guadalupe Island in Mexico. It added that the shark got stuck in the cage for about 25 minutes before it died.

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