R&B singer, MACY GRAY, denies daughter's claims that her son struck and pushed her but confirm they are dealing with family issues

Thursday, February 8, 2024
 – American singer and actress, Macy Gray has denied her daughter Aanisah Hinds' claims that her brother struck her and attacked her and her boyfriend.

The 56-year-old singer released a statement to People which read: 'Me and my son love each other and he would never think of causing me any physical harm.

'Outside of that, like any family, we have our issues and we’re dealing with it.'

This came after Hinds filed a request for a restraining order in Los Angeles on Tuesday against Gray's son Tracy Melvin Hinds, 28.

Aanisah, 29, wrote in her filing that 'Tracy got into a physical altercation with my mom,' according to documents obtained by Page Six.

Aanisah claimed in court papers that her brother Tracy was also physically violent toward her and her boyfriend after they tried to defend Gray (real name: Natalie McIntyre).

Gray shares Aanisah and Tracy, as well as her 27-year-old daughter Happy Hinds, with her ex-husband Tracy Hinds, whom she was married to from 1996 to 1998, before her rise to fame.

Aanisah, Tracy, and another daughter, Happy Hinds, 27, with her ex-husband, Tracy Hinds

Her daughter Aanisah was subsequently granted a temporary restraining order, which will be revisited during a hearing scheduled for February 27.

According to Gray's daughter, Tracy 'followed [Gray] and harassed her as he always does when he drinks' on Saturday, January 27.

She also wrote that her boyfriend Cornel Pearson tried to intercede, but her brother allegedly hit him in retaliation.

'We waited for the cops to come while he continued to bang on the doors of our rooms looking for confrontation,' she claimed.

According to Aanisah, Tracy 'harassed' family members while they waited for police to arrive, and the confrontation escalated when he allegedly 'pushed' her.

Gray's daughter claimed police recommended that she file for a restraining order after they had arrived.

They allegedly said they could not do anything without video evidence of her brother's attacks on Gray, herself or her boyfriend.

In her filing, Aanisah made it clear that she regularly feared for her safety around Tracy, as he is allegedly abusive 'every time he drinks,' which she claimed was usually on a 'monthly' basis.

She also said she did not want her brother to be able to enter her home, as she fears for the safety of her unborn child, who is due in September.

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