Please LADIES, don't have GHC100 and order GHC300 worth of food - EDDIE NARTEY tells women to be prepared on dates

Thursday, February 22, 2024
 – Actor and film director, Eddie Nartey, has shared valuable advice for women when going on dates. In a departure from traditional gender roles, Nartey emphasized the importance of self-reliance and preparedness.

Taking to his Instagram page, Nartey urged ladies to be ready for unexpected situations when invited on a date.

"Ladies, if a guy invites you on a date, please prepare. Carry some cash with you because you may not know what will happen. And even when you go, be mindful of what you eat. Don’t carry Ghc100 with you and go and order food with Ghc300. What will you do if something happens?" he quizzed.

Nartey's advice challenges societal norms surrounding dating, encouraging women to adopt a mindset of equality. In a society where traditional gender roles often influence expectations, Nartey's call for women to carry cash promotes self-sufficiency rather than dependency.

By advocating for preparedness, Nartey's message resonates with the idea that both partners should contribute and be self-sufficient in relationships, fostering a more balanced approach to dating and shared responsibilities.

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