‘Outer Banks’ star AUSTIN NORTH arrested for allegedly attacking ER hospital staff

Friday, February 16, 2024
 – Austin North, 27, renowned for his role in "Outer Banks" was reportedly arrested following an altercation with staff members at UMC Hospital in Las Vegas.

TMZ reports suggest that North lost control within the medical facility on Tuesday night, necessitating intervention to subdue him.

Law enforcement responded to the hospital after receiving reports of an assault and battery incident within the emergency room premises.

When the authorities arrived, they interviewed victims, including several nurses and a phlebotomist, who claimed they were attacked by the Netflix star out of nowhere. North was accused of punching a nurse in the head, pushing the phlebotomist into a table and shoving the face of another nurse during the alleged attack.

The phlebotomist told police they hit North in the head in self-defense with a nearby tray. He was then restrained by security officers, but not before he allegedly hit one more person.

TMZ reported that North was handcuffed to a gurney until the cops arrived and read him his Miranda rights before arresting him for battery.

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