Noisy and vocal LADIES are not considered as marriage material — VICKY ZUGAH says

Thursday, February 22, 2024
 – Actress Vicky Zugah has shed light on the societal stigma that outspoken women go through, particularly in cultures where they are often deemed unsuitable for marriage.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z show, Zugah highlighted the prevalent belief in some parts of the world that outspoken women are not fit for marriage.

She expressed concern that women aspiring for marriage or other prominent roles are therefore discouraged from speaking out, fearing they will be blacklisted.

“In this part of the world when you’re this vocal, they think that you’re not wife material.”

“So, if you’re a woman who is hoping to get married one day or who is aspiring to be maybe a politician, or any other figure, then you don’t need to say these things on air or expose yourself like this because you will be blacklisted,” Vicky explained.

The actress’s remarks came in the context of discussing why some women in showbiz choose to remain silent about instances of abuse perpetrated by their male counterparts.

Vicky pointed out the challenges faced by victims when they speak out, including accusations of bitterness and interference with the lives of those accused.

“When you name and shame, they tell you, ‘You’re messing up with people who are married. These are people who have moved on and are married, are in relationships, and you are naming them, and this is in the past; you should move on yourself and get a life,'” Zugah recounted.

She further highlighted the double standards faced by women, noting that they are criticized whether they speak out or remain silent.

Zugah emphasized the need for societal change to address these issues and provide support for women who come forward with their experiences.

Zugah’s remarks on the challenges faced by vocal women in society shed light on the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the need for greater recognition of women’s voices and experiences.

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