NIMET warns of excessive heat with temperatures soaring up to 41°C , “Seek shade, use fans, and wear light, breathable clothing’’


Thursday, February 15, 2024 The Nigerian Meteorological Agency has said that the current excessive heat experienced in the country is expected to continue.

In its recent weather and climate update, the agency detailed the implications of the current weather conditions and provided guidance to the public on how to cope with the situation.

"Air temperatures have reached 41°C in the North and 39°C in the South, with projections indicating that temperatures will remain elevated in the upcoming days," the agency stated.

NIMET highlighted dehydration as a significant consequence of these extreme weather conditions, warning of potential health issues such as fainting, heat-related illnesses, respiratory problems, and heightened susceptibility to chronic conditions like chickenpox, measles, heat rash, weakness, slight fever, and dry lips.

NIMET recommended adequate fluid intake. The agency added; 

“Seek shade, use fans, and wear light, breathable clothing to reduce exposure to high temperatures.

“Avoid strenuous physical activity during peak heat hours (Stay indoors as much as possible between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm). Air temperatures hit 41°C over the North and 39°C over the South with model projections indicating temperatures to remain high in the coming days.”

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