Top Students’ body asks TINUBU’s Government to declare a state of emergency over security issues

Friday, January 19, 2024
 – The National Association of Nigeria Students has called for the declaration of a state of emergency on the security situation in the country.

The Clerk of the student’s Senate body, Oladimeji Uthman, disclosed this in a statement on Friday.

Uthman said, “The National Association of Nigerian Students is gravely concerned about the escalating security crisis in Nigeria, particularly the surge in kidnapping and banditry that has disproportionately affected the Northern region and other zones of the country.

“Recent events, including the abduction of a 400-level student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and the tragic killing of Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar, underscore the urgent need for decisive action.

“In light of these alarming developments, NANS respectfully urges the Federal Government of Nigeria to declare a state of emergency in the affected areas, with a specific focus on the North.

“This call for a state of emergency is driven by the audacity and frequency of criminal activities, which pose a severe threat to the safety and security of Nigerian citizens.”

He noted that declaring a state of emergency would help the Government to address the security situation critically.

He also suggested that the FG should work on collaboration between the stakeholders for intelligence gathering.

“While acknowledging the government’s ongoing efforts to address security challenges, NANS believes that the gravity of the situation demands additional measures. A state of emergency declaration would equip the government with enhanced tools to comprehensively address these security threats.

“NANS proposes intensified collaboration between security agencies and local communities, increased intelligence operations, and dedicated resource allocation to empower law enforcement agencies.

“Given the urgency of the matter, NANS emphasises the need for a swift and comprehensive response to safeguard the lives and well-being of Nigerian citizens.

“NANS appreciates the government’s attention to this pressing matter and trusts that all necessary steps, including the declaration of a state of emergency, will be taken to effectively address the current security challenges facing the nation.

“A decisive response will not only reassure citizens but also send a clear message to criminal elements that their actions will not be tolerated”, Uthman concluded.

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