Russian war journalist is found dead on a roadside after vowing to release details of ‘gigantic corruption’ in President VLADIMIR PUTIN's Government

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
 – A Russian war journalist has been found dead after vowing to release new details of 'gigantic corruption' in the Vladimir Putin-invaded Ukrainian city Mariupol.

The body of Alexander Rybin, 39, was discovered by a roadside near Shakhty, in Russia's Rostov region, on Saturday, January 6.

Rybin reportedly died after a visit to occupied Mariupol in which his on-air report criticised the Putin regime for its slowness in rebuilding the war-blitzed city which the dictator sees as a holiday location for Russians on the Azov Sea.

The reporter revealed an influx of immigrants to undertake the reconstruction and a huge money pumped in from Russia. He also slammed the 'gigantic corruption', and vowed to reveal more details in a live broadcast on left-wing online outlet Rabkor after returning to Moscow. Sadly, he never got back to the capital.

According to Mail Online, he was found dead on a highway near the city of Shakhty, which sits around 20 miles from the Ukrainian border and 130 miles from Mariupol.

The city was fully captured by Moscow's forces on May 20, 2022, when the last Ukrainian troops, who had hunkered down in the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works, surrendered to the invading army.

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