"No member of MOHBAD's management or lawyers have communicated the existence of a will " – His team says after his father claimed a thumbprinted one is available

Monday, January 15, 2024
 – The late Mohbad’s management team has dismissed claims made by his father that a will thumb printed by the singer is currently in the possession of some persons.

In an interview with TVC, the father cast doubt on the authenticity of the will.

He wondered why his son who was 26 years old had already written a will when he, his father had not written any at age 56.

Reacting to the bereaved father's claim, the late singer's management said no member of the management team nor his lawyers have communicated the existence of such a document to anyone.

They also stated that the accounts of the late singer are currently on hold as a No Post Debit order has been placed on them since September 12, 2023.

Read the statement below

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